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The Fire Service is changing, and Modern Firefighter will keep you up to date. Whether you are just starting out on your path to become a firefighter, or you’re a seasoned Company Officer, Modern Firefighter will make sure you are keeping up with the latest trends in the fire service.

When Modern Firefighter started, it began as a career and promotional preparation website. However, after doing research and discussing the direction of the Fire Service with colleagues from various departments around the nation, something became clear. Not only are the testing and hiring practices changing, but so is the entire Fire Service.

You are in the right place if you are brand new and asking:

  • “How do I become a firefighter?”
  • “What education or classes are needed to become a firefighter?”
  • “What’s on a firefighter exam?”
  • “How can I improve my score on the firefighter exam?”
  • “How can I improve my job or promotional interview skills?”
  • “What are the differences between fire departments?”

You are also in the right place if you are an established Firefighter, Engineer, Lt, Captain or Chief asking:

  • Is my training (and my Department’s training program) keeping up with the latest changes in the Fire Service?
  • How is technology influencing the direction of the Fire Service?
  • Am I doing everything I can to keep myself, my crew and my family healthy and safe from job related hazards?
  • Am I prepared to promote? Am I ready to lead?
  • Am I being accountable and minimizing potential liability for myself, my family and my department?

Modern Firefighter was born out of a desire to offer guidance to top-notch individuals committed to pursuing a career in the fire service. That original goal is still important; however, the mission has expanded to ensure ALL members of the fire service are keeping up with the changes affecting the world of firefighting.

The fire service have changed dramatically over the years. Today, firefighters do much more than simply fight fires with hoses and water. Todays’ modern firefighter is equal parts athlete, doctor, mechanic, architect, engineer, scientist, teacher and public presenter, all rolled into one. Modern Firefighters are expected to have the knowledge and experience to deal with every type of emergency imaginable.

Modern Firefighter is dedicated to bringing you the latest information on career and promotional preparation; changing strategy and tactics for training and the fireground; most pressing firefighter health and safety concerns; and new/emerging technology affecting todays firefighter.

We have an extensive background not only in the fire service; but also in teaching college fire science/fire technology classes; instructing fire academies; and participating in fire department recruitment, testing, interviewing and simulation preparation.


Becoming a Firefighter

Old photo from my Firefighter/K-9 Search Specialist days with my USAR (Urban Search And Rescue) K-9, Girl. She was an incredible search dog, partner and friend. Unfortunately, Girl passed away in January of 2014, and she is deeply missed.

Hi. I’m Brad Brazeau, the founder of Modern Firefighter. I’m also a full-time, professional Fire Captain in a large, all-risk fire department in California. In addition to my duties as a Fire Captain, I have worked as an instructor teaching Fire Science and Technology classes at the college level.

While teaching Fire Science classes, I’ve encountered many individuals who dreamed of becoming firefighters, but did not know where to begin or how to successfully get through the process.

While working as a firefighter, I’ve watched the fire service change in reaction to the world around us. New and changing technology, UL and NIST studies, and medical advancements have prompted changes in the way we operate as firefighters.

As a result of these various factors, I decided to launch Modern Firefighter.

If you are entering or advancing through the ranks of the Fire Service, you’ll find tips and techniques to score higher on exams and in interviews. If you’re well established in the profession, you’ll find new, emerging information on the continual changes to our tools and technology, our strategy and tactics and factors affecting our health and safety, among many other things.

Please join me and your fellow Modern Firefighters by signing up below.