Firefighter career start 650 x 350Competition for Firefighter positions is extremely high. Your success depends on having a clear plan and preparing for each step along the way. This site and specifically the section under “Hiring Process” will give you a very good idea of the various hiring phases and what to expect during each.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the typical elements of the hiring process in this section. After that, read and explore the rest of the site including the blog posts to learn tips, strategies and techniques to increase your score and possibility of securing a full-time professional Firefighter position.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is pick out a few target Departments you’d love to work for. There are many different Fire Departments out there and even though most perform similar functions, they are all different in how they operate: their hiring process, applicant requirements, schedules, salaries, benefits, positions and rank structure, etc..

Your criteria for choosing your ideal target or “goal” Fire Departments is up to you. You may choose one because it is your hometown fire department or you may chose a large, metropolitan fire department that would offer the opportunity to gain experience and promote, or perhaps you’ll chose a rural department that may have less requirements for entry-level applicants. Whatever your criteria for choosing your departments is fine as long as you have a target or goal to focus on and aim for.

After choosing your target departments, find out some specific information about them. Find out if they are hiring or when they might be hiring. Find out who does the hiring: the department or a city, county or state personnel office. Find out what the minimum requirements are to apply.

The MINIMUM things to find out:

  • Are they currently hiring?
  • When will they be hiring?
  • What are the minimum requirements to apply?
  • What is the hiring process?

These are MINIMUM things you need to know RIGHT NOW.

That’s right, even if you don’t think you are qualified or ready, even if you don’t know where to start or what else to do, TODAY is the day to find out some information about the departments you want to work for.

I highly encourage you to put together your list of “goal” fire departments and gather as much information as possible about them and their hiring process. This is one of the single most important steps you have to take to increase your chances of getting hired. It also has an impact of the speed of getting hired. There are people who take tests for years before finding success. Even saving one year of testing time, will increase your experience bank, salary and benefits and retirement.

Start today:


If you are not sure how to obtain the information above, I offer a service of compiling this critical information for you. I will create a custom five page report for each Fire Department you select. The information I provide is substantial and will give you a solid roadmap of the departments hiring process and requirements. This report will also give you contact information for the Department and the personnel division, if one is overseeing the process.

In addition, each report will give you in-depth insight into the Department itself, which will be useful during your interviews. You will also receive customized recommendations about how to map out your personal plan for success with your target departments. This information in itself is not a guarantee of success, but it will be powerful in your journey as you navigate your way through the various hiring phases.

Remember, if you don’t get through the first phase, you can’t move onto the next. If you are interested in obtaining my individualized PreFire Plan for any of your target Fire Department/s, use the order button on the the SERVICES page.

Whether you gather the information on your target departments and organize it yourself or use my PreFirePlan service, this will likely be the most impactful step on the future success of your fire service career.